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Repointing a Chimney in Vancouver

May 10

Masonry Chimney Repointing, Tuckpointing and Spalling.

Masonry chimneys are designed to last decades, much like other forms of masonry work. Chimneys may be constructed using stone, concrete bricks, mortar or cast iron, providing both durability and beauty with functionality in mind.

Weather elements can cause masonry chimneys to expand and contract, potentially causing extensive damage. Even with well-built chimneys, environmental conditions may prove hazardous.

Over time, masonry deterioration will occur, and property owners may notice cracks, chips and flaking concrete in the chimney area. When these signs of wear appear, call in an expert as soon as possible to repair and restore its functionality.


What Is Tuckpointing or Repointing?

Repointing, or tuckpointing, is a multi-step process that removes all damaged and degraded mortar from a chimney.

Our chimney repair team specializes in replacing damaged sections and restoring chimneys to their original state as best as possible, improving functionality while returning original designs to existence.


What Is Spalling?

Suppose your chimney or its surrounding masonry are damaged due to concrete flaking, chipping or rainwater/snow penetration refreezing on its way down your chimney surface in winter, causing spalling. In that case, our technicians are experienced at repairing this deterioration using their knowledge of both phenomena and our specialized knowledge to remedy this condition effectively. Our technicians specialize in fixing any spalling resulting from water intrusion into chimney structures. At the same time, we also specialize in fixing any spalling/deterioration to restore them to good condition!

Damaged brick, concrete or joints compromise the materials and structure of a chimney, leaving it susceptible to further water damage if left exposed and unprotected.

Repair your chimney quickly and reliably for optimal results and functionality to avoid costly repairs in the future. Repairing quickly may save money from having to reconstruct it entirely later.

At Prime Chimney Repair of Vancouver, we understand the significance of hiring professionals for these services. While it may seem simple enough to repair damage yourself, this should never be attempted as this could end in disaster.

Prime Chimney Repair can complete all complex chimney repairs quickly and correctly the first time, eliminating your worries over substandard repairs. Our experts know which techniques work for each type of chimney; therefore, there will be no mistakes later that cost more. In addition, we restore historic properties with care.

Repointing your chimney incorrectly could create more complications, render it visually unattractive, and cause more damage that could be more costly.

As experts in restoring historical homes, we understand the importance of selecting materials appropriate to their era and construction style. Materials used decades ago vary significantly from those currently used and must be carefully selected when reconstructing chimneys.

Bricks used today are much stronger than those in older homes. At the same time, historic properties require lime mortar restoration using appropriate materials to avoid further damage and complex issues down the line. 

Avoid inferior repair services that perform inaccurate repairs. Qualified providers understand that materials will expand and contract after installation; preventing this process from taking place could cause more issues.

Our masonry professionals are highly-skilled experts who know exactly which materials to use when performing chimney repair and restoration. Over the past 15 years, we have rebuilt chimneys in modern and historic homes, serving masonry and repointing repairs where necessary to ensure its structural integrity.


Prime Chimney Repair can assist if you detect signs of spalling on your chimney. Our highly-qualified chimney repair services include chimney repair and chimney restoration.

Reach out now to arrange your appointment! 


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