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Handling Leaky Chimneys: Inspection & Repair Tips From A Roofing Contractor

Nov 4


There are many reasons your chimney might be leaking. Many factors can contribute to a chimney leaking, including the age and condition of your roof and home. Just like roofing material, ducts can be subject to severe weather conditions. You should hire emergency roof repair Pittsburgh for roof inspection and repair. 

What causes your chimney to leak and how to fix it

Sometimes, problems can arise from improperly installing a gas fireplace insert into an existing chimney. Many countries have strict restrictions on wood-burning stoves or fireplaces. The restrictions on "no-burn days" are based on air quality. They often occur during the winter when you want to use a fireplace.

Every year, homeowners look for ways to convert fireplaces so they can still be used for warmth and ambiance. If a gas insert isn't installed correctly, including proper venting and drafting, excessive acid and condensation could occur within the flu.

The resulting hydrochloric acids can cause damage to the chimney liner and sections of the flue's masonry. 


This can eventually lead to moisture seepage, which can cause damage to the chimney's wood and sheetrock.

What is the first step?

The first thing you should do is get a professional to inspect the roof. It can be dangerous to climb onto your roof without someone holding the ladder. A roofing contractor in Pittsburgh Pa can help you make an assessment.

If the flashing is not working, you will need to replace it.


  • Been damaged or removed from the roof's surface
  • Rusted through
  • Sections missing
  • Roof tar is used to cover the roof


Many buildings require a chimney that is 30 inches or more in diameter to have a chimney cricket. This chimney cricket will allow for proper drainage.

The chimney cricket is not a cute little Disney grasshopper wearing a hat with a cane. This sloped backing is made from metal or wood to divert rainwater away. It is integrated into the chimney flashing.

A roofer might be able to repair the mortar that the chimney has damaged. If the bricks are damaged or missing, a roofer may be able to fix them. Your roof may be getting lost in the heat and dry weather. Don't let this fool you. Your roof can take damage even from extreme heat.

It might be a good idea to schedule an inspection right away. Minor problems can be caught before they become more costly. Roofers in Pittsburgh Pa can inspect the area with a hose and determine if water is seeping in.